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Mountain games Sept. 23

By Staff | Aug 30, 2017

HUNTINGTON, WV – Dust off your tomahawk, get your grandfather’s bow and arrows out of storage and practice your skill. Prepare to #claimyourheritage in the second annual Mountain Games. Sponsored by the Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH) Foundation, Mountain Games brings a variety of events and challenges to test the true Appalachian.

Mountain Games will take place at Heritage Farm on Sept. 23 beginning at 10 a.m. The cost is $40 per individual or $240 per six-member team.

“Not unlike the popular Highlander Games, where people wear kilts and throw logs and rocks, this event will host some heritage rich, Appalachian-style games for the whole family to enjoy,” said Bradley Burck, vice president of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation. “We wanted to do something that would bring together people in a way that celebrates our ancestors.”

Each year the Foundation Board develops an inviting way to raise funds to help support the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

Burck said Mountain Games involves teams, single competitors and even children.

“Mountain Games features 10 events. Competitors will receive an individual score for each event. The total of the scores will name the winners as Mountain Man and Mountain Woman,” he explained. “If you come to compete as a team, each team member’s score will be compiled to claim the Mountain Team trophy.”

Some of the events for the competition are:

– Obstacle Course Competitors will navigate the “Appalachian Mountains” and her many treacherous obstacles in a classic military obstacle course with a little Appalachian flare.

– Feat of Strength Only the strong survive in the wilds. Would you be able to fight off a bear or a mountain lion with nothing but rocks? Show off your muscles in this rock throwing contest and bring home bragging rights.

– Bigfoot Hunting Folklore has it that Bigfoot has been seen in these parts. The only way to survive is to show off the strength of your feet. Will you become another victim of Bigfoot or will you be able to take him down? Test your aim and kicking skills in this unique game of foot play.

– The Coal Miner Coal miners have one of the most difficult jobs. We took just one part of their job to see if you are able to complete it. Do you have the strength to move the coal to the delivery point before the train comes?

– Seneca Rocks Sometimes to see the real beauty of this state you will have to climb to its highest point. Experience the beauty of this state by climbing to the top of our own Seneca Rocks wall.

– Shelter Builder Your grandparents survived by being able to build shelters with almost anything. How will you fare? Will you be able to build a suitable shelter in the time allotted or will you be left out in the cold?

– The Hunter Ever hunt for your own food? Our ancestors did. Try your hand at the bow and arrow to see if you would eat well in the wild or go hungry.

– Tomahawk Throwing The Tomahawk was one of the most feared tools in the mountains. Now you will use one to test your accuracy, skill, and throwing ability.

– Dead Eye Shooting Don’t just fire from the hip. Do you have the ability to fire with accuracy at multiple targets in a set amount of time?

In addition to the Appalachian-themed challenges, the event will feature West Virginia music and storytelling, a petting zoo and a lumberjack demonstration and duel. Heritage Farm Museum & Village, an Appalachian history museum located off the Fifth Street exit of I-64, is the ideal location for the Games.

Team and individual registration is being taken online at chhfoundation.org/mountain-games-registration or by calling Velma Workman, community development coordinator at 304.526.6314.