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Most overused pieces of dating advice

By Staff | Jan 31, 2013

I hate unsolicited relationship advice. Next to cheesy pick-up lines, it is possibly the most irritating thing a single person has to deal with. It’s also just as repetitive so, rather than do another rehash of the top five tackiest pick-up lines, I’ve decided to critique the top five tired pieces of relationship advice:

1.”Just go up and say hi.”

This is a favorite of anybody who has never had to do this sober. Just going up and saying, “Hi,” to an attractive stranger takes serious chutzpah. It might require at least one drink, preferably bought by the person who gave the advice. If the person is shy, it will require more than one.

2.”There’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

This line is usually said after a bad breakup. The best response I’ve ever heard was: “Yeah, but it takes time to convert a whaling boat into a fishing trawler.”

3.”There’s someone special out there for you, I just know it.”

This is the most condescending and sappy piece of advice on the list. It also turns up after a bad breakup or when a person has washed their hands of the whole dating scene. It is mostly given by people who are in a relationship.

4.”Just follow your heart.”

One of the entertainment industry’s favorites. My heart says that I should become a ninja and beat up dinosaurs for a living. Thus far, no one has said that this a good idea.

5.”Don’t let him/her get away.”

Another favorite of Hollywood. Sometimes it’s reduced to, “Go get her/him.” Usually said when someone is about to walk away from a good thing. But as often as it appears in the movies, there appear to be very few situations where it actually applies outside of the silver screen.

And there you have it. Whether this advice is good or bad, it certainly gets heard so often we’re all tired of it. Think about that before you start spouting dating advice to your single friend. They’ll appreciate it.