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Spring Fever: The perfect time for getting a date

By Staff | Feb 29, 2012

Winter hibernation is almost over. The snow is melting, and spring fever isn’t just a metaphor – spring fever is real. There are a few factors involved here.

Seasonal shift

Spring fever creates physical and psychological shifts in the body, due to the changing seasons. In the tri-state area it all starts to happen right around the spring equinox in March to mid-April. There are some icky side effects of this winter to spring transition: weariness and headaches. There is also wakefulness, increased energy, vitality, and higher sexual appetite. Hooray!


Scientists say this spring fever is caused by the body clock (circadian rhythm) that is affected by light. Hormones are part of the cause. Serotonin gets more depleted in the winter, and melatonin, the sleep hormone, starts kicking in. Serotonin is a feel good hormone that increases in the upcoming months, when the days are longer. These effects make your body feel elated and more apt to the chase. The days are longer and warmer. These are the perfect conditions for meeting new people. With all of theses factors, it’s a great time to take action on the dating scene.

Less sweaters and no leg warmers

During spring fever, temperatures fluctuate. Off come goofy handmade monkey hats and moon boots. When the mercury rises in your old-school thermometer, clothes come off, blood pressure goes down, sperm rates go up and so does the number of unplanned pregnancies. Remember a single dollar could save you from lots of diapers when the next spring fever is revving up it’s sunny engine.

When it gets warmer, things get hotter

Single people are feeling restless from a long winter of watching TV, drinking hot chocolate and hiding under their WVU snuggies. When spring is in the air, it’s as inspiring as a car washing, West Virginia native with dreadlocks, singing Frank Sinatra songs on national television. When the sun is shining, it makes people feel good. When you’re feeling good is the best time to meet another sexy single.

The birds are singing and releasing gonadtrophins

The birds are singing, but that’s not all. According to a bird study at Nagoya University in Japan, the birds have spring fever, too. Close to the pituitary gland, there are cells that release a hormone when they receive more light that triggers the male bird’s testes to expand, and he starts singing in an effort to attract a mate. Maybe some men will be singing songs of love, but hopefully all their parts are staying the same size.

New Year’s resolutions are fresh

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. They may have forgotten all about them, but a sunny spring day can shed some light on their life. Maybe one of the resolutions on your list is to find some lovin’! It’s a new year and it’s time to make some changes in yourself and your dating life. If you’re single and not feeling good about yourself, get out your Rollerblades. Go to the market and buy some yummy fruit. Grab a shovel and get your garden prepared. The flowers are starting to bloom, take a deep breath and get ready to make some changes.