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Top 10 turn-offs for women

By Staff | Jan 25, 2012

OK men, this is for you – especially if you seem to have no luck with the ladies. Have you been on a date and you thought it went swimmingly but you never heard from her again? Are you feeling confused about why this awesome chick isn’t responding to you? You thought that there was chemistry then… nothing. Here are a couple reasons as to why she may be giving you the cold shoulder:

1.Nasty Car

Cigarette ashes everywhere in your car, but not actually in the ashtray; fast food wrappers and cups on the seats and floor, among other globs of stuff that looks like who-knows-what is a huge turn-off. Yuck! If your car looks like this, it shows a woman that you don’t have it together. I’m not saying you have to get your car detailed before a date, but a little cleaning up wouldn’t hurt.


If you snap your fingers at the waiter, and act like you are God’s gift to the earth, this is not impressive. Confidence is what you want, because this is what women want. You can talk about the awesome doghouse you built, and your cool ski trip without too many details to show that you have a fulfilling life.

3.Bringing a pal on a date

I consider a man who has to bring a friend on a date for support to be a complete chicken. It shows the woman that you can’t go it alone or you are waaaay too into your buddies and not into her. Can’t you take an hour out of your life to share a cup of coffee with a woman all by yourself?

4.Getting drunk

You can lay on the charm throughout the evening but, if by the end of the night you’re totally drunk, that can be a big turn-off. It’s fine to have a couple drinks and loosen up, but you’ve gotta know your limits. Slurring sweet nothings in a woman’s ear will get you nowhere, except kicked to the curb.

5.Bad Breath

Gentleman, gum is cheap!

6.No eye contact

If your eyes are constantly darting around the room, it shows the woman you are either insecure, have ADD, or think you’re gonna miss a hottie. Looking into a woman’s eyes shows that you know how to really connect.


Dirty and really wrinkled clothes is a big no-no! Comb your hair, shower, and put on some clean clothes. I thought this was a no-brainer, but apparently it isn’t.

8.Too much talking

Women do not want or need to be educated. They don’t need to know all about your boring work schedule. I like to think of talking like popcorn, one little kernel pops, then it’s another kernel’s turn. Keep bouncing it back and forth and remember, most women like to talk and it’s great to ask them questions about their lives.

9.No sense of humor

Are you too serious? Well, it’s time to lighten up. You’re on a date so you might as well have fun. You can make jokes about the weird looking fish in the fish tank, question her about her enormous purse, or tell something funny about yourself. Being in the present moment is much more fun than using a canned joke like ‘Did you hear the one about the preacher and the convict?’ If you tell a joke and she doesn’t laugh, guess what? You’ll both feel uncomfortable.


This is the worst. If you’ve had a great date, you tell her so (which shows you are confident with yourself) and she doesn’t get back to you right away, don’t take it personally. She isn’t obligated to call you right away or even the next day. She might actually be busy. If she doesn’t respond, this is not the green light to call or text her repeatedly. Persistence does not always pay off (at least in the dating world.) Saying things like, ‘Did you get my message? I haven’t heard from you and it’s been 3 days!’ or ‘Sorry to bother you, but…’ If she never responds, great! That means there is something better waiting for you. Next.