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We want you…to choose WV’s Most Wanted

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

What the heck happened to the year? It’s been about 10 issues since I took over here at Graffiti. The next issue will be the last of the year and we need your help, faithful reader.

“West Virginia’s Most Wanted People” will – hopefully – feature reader-submitted entries for everything from favorite musician to best tattoo artist, coolest professor to favorite hairdresser.

But the issue can only succeed if we get enough entries. So don’t be shy, submit yourself, your sister, your dog…whatever…for whichever category best fits.

A submission form can be found to the right of this page and on page 16 of the printed paper. Nominations can also be posted on our Facebook wall.

Entries must be submitted by November 16. Entrants may be contacted about being featured in our December issue so include his or her contact information, as well as your own.