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’08’s Finest? Slaton

By Staff | Dec 29, 2008

Looking back at the 2008 season, there are two things I will remember about WVU Football: “I’m so proud of those boys” and “Dang that Slaton can run!”

Let’s focus on point one, as that will take a bit less time.

“I’m so proud of those boys.”

That was Bill in-over-his-head Stewart’s weekly catch-phrase.

What does it mean? Basically we may have picked a bum coach.

Stewart strikes me as the nicest, most faithful guy in the world. But from the moment he said he’s not going to challenge any plays, because the refs are out there to do a job and he doesn’t want to make them look bad, I figured the ice we were standing on was already starting to thin considerably.

Odds-makers had WVU favored in every game they played, yet without any major injuries the Mountaineers limped to an 8-4 record and a trip to the glamorous Meineke Car Care Bowl. Thanks, but my car is well cared for as it is.

My main hope is that Pat White didn’t damage his draft stock too much this season. He still had his flashes of greatness, they were inconsistent at best.

And I think Buffalo should draft Pat McAfee, he would fit in pretty well there …  ouch.

And that’s all I have to say. A much-improved defense, an offense full of returning warriors and national title ambitions … and then the season started.

If only every game could be Stewart’s first.

Let’s move along.

“Dang that Slaton can run!”

Over 1,000 rushing yards already with a 5 yards-per-carry average. Four games with over 100 yards rushing. Over 300 yards receiving on nearly four dozen catches. Nine touchdowns (eight rushing, one receiving.)

He’s simply a beast out there. Everything everyone had hoped for and more.

Those poor college kids must be taking a beating trying to stop him … oh wait, he went pro? You mean he’s tearing the crap out of NFL defenders? He cut up the vaulted Jacksonville, Tennessee and Green Bay defenses like they were Marshall?

Hmm, maybe this guy is the real deal after all. Maybe Noel Devine looked great last year and only average this year because the defenses were worried about the future NFL star Steve Slaton and gave the little guy little regard.

I heard it’s something about those Slaton Steaks …

If it wasn’t for Matt where-the-hell-did-this-guy-come-from Ryan in Atlanta, Slaton would be battling Baltimore’s Flacco for the Offensive Rookie of the Year trophy.

Makes me think that had WVU just given Slaton the ball last year against Pitt more than twice they might’ve played for the national title.

I just had to bring that up, didn’t I?

I have something to look forward to though. Texas might need a new QB, and if we can reunite Slaton and White in the NFL, I might just have a new second-favorite team.

And with Bill Stewart at the helm of WVU, I desperately need something to look forward to.

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