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The year’s best albums

By Staff | Nov 23, 2010

How you fooled me with your possibility, 2010. Between politics and my personal life, I couldn’t tell which part of 2010 was more dysfunctional.

The Congress got absolutely nothing done as it looks like a crew of insane back-woods patriots is about to undo it all. But you know what? I couldn’t say I didn’t see this all coming. I could see from the start that all our hope was going to go the way of the gun before it even had time to let me down.

So, have we been let down? It looks as the reality of human nature has wandered back to town. If I were younger it would be surprising, but if you really wanted to mess me up 2010, you should’ve gotten to me earlier! Were we in love and you stabbed me in the back, what would I have to say?

What else is new!? That’s what I have to say.

2010 was disappointing right from the start; Howard Zinn, historian/intellectual/author, died and, well, let’s say it went down hill from there. Hells bells! Even Gary Coleman died. It’s like that scene from “Men in Black” when Rip Torn says, “It’s like the party’s over and the last one to leave gets stuck with the check.”

I’m impressed, though, 2010. Your attempt to break my spirit was commendable, and maybe even up for some kind of “best supporting” award, but in the end it was a failure.

You failed because of this year’s crop of amazing albums. Once again, the only bright side is music. In the worst of times, where the government is impotent, big business is destroying coastlines and economies are collapsing, the music made it all bearable. “Let them eat cake,” right?

Usually I struggle to find 10 albums that really did it for me and that I felt had staying power — meaning that next year I wouldn’t think I was an idiot for including them. This year is another story; instead of 10 here are the 20 best of 2010. And as this year ends on a sad and defeated note don’t let it get you down.

I salute you, 2010.

1. The Walkmen — “Lisbon”

2. The Arcade Fire — “Suburbs”

3. Sleigh Bells — “Treats”

4. Titus Andronicus — “The Monitor”

5. The Tallest Man on Earth — “The Wild Hunt”

6. Deerhunter — “Halcyon Digest”

7. Big Boi — “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty”

8. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti — “Before Today”

9. Vampire Weekend — “Contra”

10. Beach House — “Teen Dream”

11. Drake — “Thank Me Later”

12. Surfer Blood — “Astro Coast”

13. The National — “High Violet”

14. Massive Attack — “Heligoland”

15. Joanna Newsome — “Have One On Me”

16. Harlem — “Hippies”

17. Future Islands — “In Evening Air”

18. The Black Keys — “Brothers”

19. Gayngs — “Relayed”

20. Junip — “Fields”

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