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Song of the Day: ‘The Hollows’ by Why?

By Staff | Sep 2, 2010

"This goes out to all my dirty dancing, cursing, back-masking, back-slidden pastor’s kids."

OK, so I’m posting this song about two years after it was first released as a single, but my enjoyment of it has not waned once since then. 

I’m talking about Why?’s "The Hollows," which is, in my eyes, the perfect culmination of what it is this group does.

Of course, the music Why? makes is a little difficult to pin down, but that’s entirely why it’s so rewarding and enjoyable.

With mostly abstract lyrics built around vivid imagery, and music and vocals that waver between folk and indie with hip-hop influences, Why? is one of those bands whose output is so diverse and creative you’re hardpressed to love everything they do.

"The Hollows," however, is one song you’ll find hard to not repeat, as it’s perfectly interesting and accessible at the same time. It’s a song you’ll want to play with the windows down in your car. It’s a song you’ll sing/rap along to. It’s a song you’ll laugh at when lead vocalist Yoni Wolf talks about his mustache or his observations of traveling in Europe. 

And, finally, it’s a song with great advice: Don’t eff with gypsies. They probably have knives.