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Song of the Day: ‘Sewee Sewee’ by Mountain Man

By Staff | Aug 2, 2010

Few things will instantly attract me to a song like two- or three-part harmonies. 

So imagine my delight when stumbling upon Mountain Man, a three-woman "band" comprised of nothing but vocal harmonies and minimalist guitar. 

Recorded with lo-fi sensibilities, the mostly a cappella tracks from the trio’s debut, "Made the Harbor," are filled with the hiss and hum and the beautifully unadorned vocals of old-time records. 

Though most of the tracks are originals, you’ll be hard-pressed to not feel like you’ve happened upon a rustic recording of haunting hymnals from the ’40s. And, if you’re tastes are anything like mine, you’ll struggle to find anything more beautiful than this that wasn’t made prior to this century.