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Song of the Day: ‘Kalama’ by Damien Jurado

By Staff | Jul 8, 2010

He’s not even the most famous singer-songwriter named Damien (that would go to Damien Rice), but for our money no one is better than Mr. Jurado.

We’ve been fans of Damien Jurado for almost a decade now. In our eyes, few folk artists/singer-songwriters put out more consistently solid material with each new release than the Seattle resident.

Jurado began his career with a series of lo-fi folk casettes, which quickly gathered a cult following in his hometown of Seattle, Wash. Jeremy Enigk, of Sunny Day Real Estate, brought him to the attention of Sub Pop, which went on to release a few of his albums.

You won’t hear anything groundbreaking here; just great tunes. 

Jurado’s new album, "Saint Bartlett," was just released and, as expected, it’s fantastic. It’s the most diverse you’ll hear Jurado, but expanding one’s sound has never sounded as effortless as it does here. 

Here for your listening pleasure is "Kalama."