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Song of the Day: ‘Animal Arithmetic’ by Jonsi

By Staff | Jul 6, 2010

Sigur Ros took a turn toward faster tempos and more "joyful" music on their last release, "Med sud I eyrum …"

For us, it was a welcome progression, so when we first heard snippets of lead singer Jonsi’s solo debut, "Go," our hope was raised even further.

"Go," continues that trend tenfold, adding mostly English lyrics to the songs. The result is a very accessible (by Sigur Ros standards) album full of Jonsi’s signature falsetto voice, handclaps, piano, soaring melodies, acoustic guitar and lyrics about the joys of being alive. 

Sensing a theme here? Joy? Hope?

Our pick for the song of the day, "Animal Arithmetic," is the second song on the album and, for our money, the best. Check it out and try not to feel that hope for the world swelling in your chest.