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Song of the Day: “Heaven and Earth” by Blitzen Trapper

By Staff | Jun 1, 2010

I’ve been looking forward to new Blitzen Trapper since 2008’s "Furr."

"Heaven and Earth," the new single from the Sub Pop band’s latest, "Destroyer of the Void," does not disappoint.

A rather straightforward song for an experimental folk band, this track features piano and strings in a slow, looping arch of momentum till the song fizzles out at the end with the refrain, "Heaven and Earth are mine." The effect is sort of like that moment in your life when you lose all idealism and realize the world is not your oyster, the heavens are not there for your knowing, college was the best time in your life, bills suck… Oh sorry, where were we.

Anyway, sometimes there’s no better lesson to learn than this and for those other times, this is a good song to listen to.