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Song of the Day: Dessa, ‘Dixon’s Girl’

By Staff | May 13, 2010

We were first turned onto Dessa by Rhymesayers’ artist P.O.S.  and we haven’t taken her debut LP "A Badly Broken Code" off our iPod since. Easily will finish up as one of our top 10 favorite albums of the year.

Dessa’s music is a fascinating mix of hip hop and indie as sung/rapped by a Billie Holliday/Bessie Smith-kindred spirit/spoken word artist. There’s a hint of what Nelly was doing earlier in the decade with the way she flows in and out of singing and rapping. There are a capella tracks and straight hip hop and others that slightly resemble something PJ Harvey was doing in the 1990s. Lyrics reflect her love of philosophy and literature, her childhood and present.

This is something original, though, far more unique and intriguing than its parts might suggest.

"Dixon’s Girl," the best track off the LP starts off with the sound of vinyl crackling to a spare horn melody that’s immediately catchy. Dessa’s breathy, slight voice comes in just before a beat that feels earthy and organic, less like modern rap beat and more like a live drum. The drums and the horn melody fit together perfectly.

It’s intoxicating and we dare you to not listen to the track on repeat today.