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Song of the Day: Jeremy Jay, ‘Just Dial My Number’

By Staff | May 11, 2010

This piano-based song from California native Jeremy Jay is catchy as all get out and the perfect prescription for a crappy, rain-soaked day like today.

The song’s built around a simple piano melody and backed with a slight, but steady percussion beat that recalls Buddy Holly and late ’50s/early ’60s melody and harmony driven acts like The Kinks and, later in the decade, The Zombies. Eventually, guitars change from a slight strumming of an acoustic to electric riffs, which bring a little more modernity and aggression to the song, but not too much.

The lyrics also harken back to simpler times, with the chorus consisting of nothing but a plead for a paramour to call his phone.

Right now, we’re wishing we were doing nothing but.