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Song of the Day: Local Natives

By Staff | Apr 28, 2010

Fresh off their SXSW appearance, today’s Song of the Day comes courtesy of L.A. natives Local Natives.

There are some songs that as soon as you hear them you immediately picture what they’d sound like with your windows down, your hand outside making waves against the passing force of the wind and a pair of shades around your eyes to limit the blinding of the early morning summer sun.

This is just such a song.

With a steady, but progressively propulsive beat, "Sun Hands" starts out simply enough. Then the lazy, melodic guitar kicks in and next arrive lyrics speaking of walking to the top of a hill while harmonies wrapped around the lead take the song up and over the hill and into the clouds. You’re soaring by the time those lazy guitars get more aggresive and the singers turn to yelling.

Enjoy the flight.