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You’ll find no Hell’s Angels here

By Staff | Aug 25, 2009

With an abundance of open road winding along a mountainous backdrop, it is no wonder why motorcycling is popular in West Virginia.

Throughout the state, several local biker groups have sprouted up in small towns, but one can also find chapters of national groups all over as well. Of course, recreational interests like type of bike join most groups, but others have been known to unite under more outlawry circumstances.

Think of the leather jacket patched with various unfamiliar symbols to the naked eye. The outlaw biker may bear heavy black boots and chains swinging from the side of jeans. Many wear a burly beard and boast extravagant tattoos all over.

Past occurrences have labeled these groups as rebels or creators of havoc, and the history of some proves correctly.

Yet, the following are a few of the outlaw motorcycle groups in West Virginia who sport the outlaw style, but generate a charitable existence.

• Brothers of the Wheel — First established in Milton, Brothers of the Wheel has spread throughout the state and into Ohio and Kentucky. In West Virginia, the group has chapters mostly in the southern half of the state. The group has had a sketchy past in the eye of the law, but it is also known to support local charities, too. By having poker runs and donating funds, Brothers of the Wheel focuses on the local community with an emphasis on brotherhood. Don’t be misguided, the group is not to be messed with, but along with its bad boy history comes list of good doings as well.

• Iron Pigs M/C — A group open for all involved in law enforcement and firefighting, Iron Pigs prides itself on American made bikes and individual responsibility. The group spreads throughout the nation, but has chapters in Mountain Ridge and New River. The group has been known to be very supportive of police and firefighter causes and charities throughout communities. Iron Pigs are required to dedicate support to each and the community and prospects are told the groups colors will be earned not given.

• Huntington M/C — The oldest biker group in West Virginia, Huntington M/C has a long history of promoting motorcyclist interests and community aid. The group not only takes poker runs for community organizations, but it also raises funds for members and families who have caught a bad run of luck. Membership to the club has been generational, and membership goes beyond life with rides in memoriam of those who have passed.

Many several other motorcyclist groups roam the hills of West Virginia with the pride of the wheels and the attitude of a rebel. Their presence is the shine of chrome and the howl of a muffler, but fear not because most of these guys and gals ride for not only themselves but for the community around them.    

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