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Megan Fox is tougher, sexier than Decepticons

By Staff | Jun 23, 2009

Buzz has built from screenings and comic book conventions. Fending off the new “Harry Potter” for the projected top summer film, the second installment of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” directed by Michael Bay is hitting theaters this week.

Obviously, this writer did not have a ShowWest invitation, so the assessments of the newest entry in the Dreamworks/Paramount franchise come from assembling bits and pieces of leaked footage and responses by those insiders who have had the privilege of watching early cuts and scenes from the film.

Director Michael Bay has won an early “awesome … better than the first” response from his mentor, Steven Spielberg, who sat with Bay amidst 98 other empty seats in a Sony studio’s screening room. Bay described his idol’s critique as “leaving me gushing as a kid who just sat on Santa’s lap.”

Denim and sex appeal heighten expectations for the flick based on Hasbro toys that battle for the fate of the universe. Megan Fox, playing Mikaela Banes, has a blazing human presence as the denim clad gal pal of Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf ), a high school student whose choice of a new car sets in motion their series of life or death adventures with the super secret Sector 7 agency.

The tight jean sex appeal should guarantee an influx of older science fantasy fans eager for drooling slices of eye candy to wash down the menacing metallic appendages (two swords coming out of its arms) of giant robotic Decepticons.

As of mid-June, “Transformers” has been generating about 21 percent of Fandango advance ticket sales. Not surprisingly, 81 percent are starved to see the hottie, Megan Fox with 71 percent of buys in the 18 to 34 age demographic and 68 percent male.

Ted Hong, chief marketing officer for Fandango, said in a published report,  “…  filmgoers are clearly ready for another action-packed summer popcorn movie. With “Transformers 2,” “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” “Ice Age 3,” “Public Enemies,” “Bruno,” “G.I. Joe” and other highly-anticipated movies opening within a few weeks of each other, it looks like a banner year for the movies.”

Marketing will be intense, too. For instance, two new “mice” that transform into Grimlock and Typticon styled robots will be available.

Not unexpectedly, a third installment has been announced. Bay told Paramount, “I need a break from robots,” so its more likely in 2012 than 2011.

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