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Itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie …

By Staff | Feb 24, 2009

With global warming on the rise, swimsuit designers are being challenged to keep their collections as hot as the summer sun.

Some trends will be a continuum of 2008’s styles, incorporating Bohemian princess with new wave glam. Some things we can expect to see peppered upon our beaches that were part of last year’s new additions are embellished pieces, including beading, exotic embroidery, and charm details. Glamourous swimsuits, both bikinis and one-pieces, as well as the offspring of their union: the one-piece bikini, a near one-piece with sexy cutouts on one or both sides, with a bikini appearance from the rear, will continue to sizzle. Metallic colors and rich details like brass and silver metal connectors for both tops and bottoms will be the foundation for these glam pieces.

This year mix-and-match styles will heat up the scene, both intentionally coordinated, but also unorthodox combinations chosen by the individual. In previous years, mix-and-match appeal has typically been coordinating colors or patterns; this year, expect to see unusually yet beautifully mismatched tops and bottoms — think stripes and polka dots or florals and plaids, or any variation thereof. This year is all about individuality and creating diversity within your personal swimwear collection, allowing opportunity for a new ensemble each day of your summer vacation.

With tops and bottoms available in abundance this year in separate sizes, women can expect to find a perfect fit, complimentary to their shape. Another addition making this convenience even more user friendly, is the incorporation of multiple styles in separate sizes for both top and bottom, allowing Brazilian cut bottoms or full coverage bottoms in the same pattern, as well as an under wire top or triangle top in matching patterns, so swimsuits can be found for literally any body type. These convenient selections are available in many styles at Victoria’s Secret in their Very Sexy collection.

  Other brands that are heating up the runways, and eventually our shorelines and poolsides, include Vix, Lucky, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Salina’s, and Kenneth Cole Reaction, among others. Great places to scope out the latest brands include Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, and Bluefly. Bluefly is also a great resource for high-end designer accessories like Dolce & Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Michael Kors at a fraction of the department store price.

Ultra feminine styles are another a trend this year, with emphasis on ruffles, lace, eyelet fabrics, and pastels. Some styles may have skirted bottoms while other suits will have lace trim, rhinestone embellishment, and undertones of ballerina pink, periwinkle, buttercup, or sea-foam.

This year we can expect to see a lot more white, solid white, (appropriately lined, of course). White is a versatile backdrop for traditional denim or the new vibrant colors, seen in runway collections. White can also be easily paired with other colors, and is functional with virtually any accessory.

Accessories will also continue to be a beach necessity, with a wide range of cover-ups, including shear gypsy-esque styles and styles that can easily be converted into a dress for a night on the town with a simple addition of heels. Less baby doll cover-ups will be seen and many more in high style will be available. Of course accessories also include complimentary sunglasses, stylish tote bags, sandals, sunhats, and bangle bracelets.

With the myriad choices that will soon scatter our shelves, no matter what your seaside preference may be, you’re sure to find more than enough to promise a varying beach bag.

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