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Top 5 places to find your New Year’s Eve dreamgirl

By Staff | Dec 29, 2008

Where will you be when the ball drops? Graffiti’s covered all the hot spots. We know what’s happening and we’re going to share it with you. (Because come on, how else are we going to find someone to kiss at midnight?)

5. Anywhere, Morgantown — If you’re looking for a good time, just listen for loud music, occasional random shouts and glasses clinging together in good spirits. Almost every bar in Morgantown will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party, so grab those party hats and noisemakers and head out to your favorite hot spot. Graffiti recommends De Lazy Lizard, Crockett’s, or Vice Versa. (Every house in Morgantown will probably be hosting a party, as well.)

4. 123 Pleasant St., Morgantown — If you can’t make up your mind on where to go in Morgantown, Graffiti will lead you in the right direction … because we always know the good places to get our groove on. 123 Pleasant St. is going to be celebrating New Year’s with a BANG. Go on and get all spiffed up, put on those extraordinarily tight jeans, flannel shirt and Chuck Taylors. Then, join the party while they rock out to 1000 Hurricanes, Lake and Ocean, and Jay Marinelli. You know all the cool kids are doing it.

3. Sound Factory, Charleston — Morgantown not your type of town? Well then, why don’t you head south to Charleston’s Sound Factory? This is West Virginia’s only multi-level bar/restaurant/night club all-in-one place to be. They will be ringing in the New Year by throwing an Ice-Luge party. We’re not sure what this is, but Red Bull, Jagermeister, and Three Olives sponsor it, so we’re sure there’s booze involved. The bars will be having champagne and drink specials all night, along with free giveaways throughout the night. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the cover is $5 for the whole building.

2. The V Club, Huntington — The V Club will be hosting the “2009 New Year’s Revelry with Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls, The Yetti, and Fletchers Grove.” Get ready to jam out with some of your local favorites and super fun drink specials. The doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $7. Don’t get too excited though, young’ns, this show’s for ages 18 and older.

1. Fat Patty’s, Huntington — The No. 1 place to be this year would be Fat Patty’s. This year, the gang’s celebrating the evening with free champagne, party favors, a private DJ, and a $5 all you can drink special. All you’ve got to do is bring your fine self down to Third Avenue and pay $5 at the door for a good time. Come on, who doesn’t love free bubbly?

Runners up who didn’t quite make the cut: Your company’s New Year’s party, your middle-aged Aunt’s party “out on the farm,” and that good ole time you know you’d have with your ex that your mother has been begging you to call back.

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