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Who Are You Voting For?

By Staff | Oct 28, 2008

“I am an international student so I am not registered to vote but if I could, I would vote for Obama because I feel his ideas are more justified and I feel issues on economic crisis need to be dealt with.”
Tanya Tandon, freshman business and economics major, WVU

“I’m voting for Barack Obama because I think he’s going to be a much needed change in policy and attitude that Washington desperately needs after eight years of the same and he’s all for helping students, which is a bonus.
The economy is a definite issue of this election, we need to get away from deregulation and big business.”
Amanda Young, junior biology major, WVU

“I am voting for Barack Obama because his platform is what I agree with as a voter and I feel the major issues of this election are the Iraq war, the economy and also foreign relations with Middle Eastern countries.”
Charles Corra, freshman political science major, WVU

“I’m still an undecided voter because I like certain attributes about each candidate but there are also attributes that I dislike. I feel the main issues that need to be dealt with are the economy and the Iraq war.”
Lauren Bielawski, junior fashion merchandising major, WVU

“The election is a tough decision for me; if I knew he had a chance, I’d vote for Ralph Nader but since I’m a registered Democrat I’m going to stick with the Democratic candidate and vote for Obama because the thought of Palin and McCain frightens me.
I do think the economy and the war in Iraq are important but I also think issues of alternative energy are important. The energy is out there for us to use but our country is too dependent on oil and coal.”
Kendal Montgomery, senior news editorial major, WVU

“I’m going to vote for John McCain because I feel he is more for the economic tax breaks that will benefit me and my family.
I think the central issue is with the bailout and the stock market crash; the Iraq war seems to be taking a backseat to the economy’s state.”
Derek Bongiovanni, senior political science major, WVU

“If I vote at all, I’m going to vote for John McCain because I’m from a small town and I like hunting and guns and I know McCain supports the National Riffle Association, which I’m a part of.”
Cody Mitters, senior civil engineering major, WVU