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Return of the … Politics!

By Staff | Oct 28, 2008


Movie presidents

Though Harrison Ford was voted best movie president (“Air Force One”), I am partial to Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”) and Morgan Freeman (“Deep Impact”). But President Schwarzen-egger (“The Simpsons Movie”) has the best line. “I was elected to lead, not to read. Number Three!”


Music that … Republicans can’t use

This year’s list of artists that have demanded Republican candidates stop using their music is awesome. Boston, Heart, Oleans (the singer is now a Democratic congressman), Van Halen and the Foo Fighters. Seriously, just stick to Lee Greenwood. He really needs the work …


George Washington Rap

It’s just awesome. Just do a search on YouTube. “Washington. Had a pocketful of horses, f**ked the shit out of bears. Threw a knife into heaven. Can kill with a stare.” You’ll never think about our first president the same again.


The Blame Game

It’s easy. Pick a problem, blame it on the other guy. Logic need only be sparse. Example: McCain runs ad that blames high gas prices on Obama. The sparse logic? Democrats are generally opposed to offshore drilling. Sure, it might lower prices a few decades in the future, but seriously…


Facial Hair

We need presidents who are more daring with their facial hair. Martin Van Buren had some powerful sideburns. William Taft had an infamously-nicknamed mustache. Theodore Roosevelt also had the most dignified mustache known to man.