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Top five fall trends we probably couldn’t pull off

By Staff | Sep 23, 2008

Fall is in the air, meaning fashions are changing just like the leaves. This season layers are key, but that doesn’t mean a person has to look like clothes suffocate them. New shapes and slimming designs have arrived and the students at West Virginia University share their ideas and opinions of the new trends.   

1. Plaid designs —Plaids are all the rage, whether it is a British tartan style or a bold mod-inspired plaid design. This look can be made modern by wearing a swingy plaid skirt with a fitted jacket or a plaid cape jacket with a silk blouse underneath.  Be careful not to wear too much of this pattern at once by utilizing the pattern on one part of the body.

“I think of tartan plaid being worn around Christmas time and I have actually been thinking of making my own tartan skirt,” said Rebecca Arceneaux, a junior fashion design and merchandising major at WVU.

Not every student at WVU is pleased with the new fashion trend; in fact, some believe the look is too uniformed and not fashion.

“I hate plaids! Unless you are dressing up for a party or going to Catholic school, plaids are a no,” said Ashlee Henderson, a junior biology major at WVU.

2. Fun layers —Don’t be afraid to bundle up this fall because layers are a key fashion staple. Skinny jeans and leggings look great worn with a slim or softly pleated skirt. On top layer sweaters over blouses and then throw on a chic jacket or cape.

“Skinny jeans are always my favorite jean to wear. Layering shirts and blouses will definitely keep you warm and it looks good,” said Amanda Peruta, a sophomore fashion merchandising major at WVU.

Students agree the layer look does work but believe some of the pieces, like the cape jacket, are not going to be popular in West Virginia.

3. Full shapes on the top and slimming shapes on the bottom —There are new feminine shapes this season, swingy jackets and tops with slim bottoms and the “bubble” skirt, that starts out full from the waist and narrows to a slim band at the knees. The bubble would appear to be an odd silhouette but it is surprisingly flattering.

4. Sweater dresses — The ‘80s sweater dress has made an official comeback. A knit turtleneck dress can be paired with dark tights or leggings and boots. Sweater coats are also a popular item. Leggings are not out yet; they are a key item that can carry any short dress into the cooler fall climates.

“I own leggings and I love them because they look very good with boots and dark color leggings make the body appear slimmer,” said Jessica Reckart, a senior fashion merchandising major at WVU.

5. Menswear —Menswear inspired items are key to looking sophisticated and sassy. This season, menswear gets a sexy twist with slim tailoring and feminine accessories. Fitted jackets and slim skirts made of flannel, tweed, houndstooth or a trendy plaid will work. Pairing these looks with cotton ruffled shirts, silk blouses and a leather belt or gloves will instantly feminize this look.

“For the menswear look, I would wear a pair of gray wool pants, trouser style, with a white button down shirt, a tweed fitted-blazer and a black golfer’s hat,” Arceneaux said.

 Each student has their own unique spin on the menswear look by matching different pieces to create a clean sophisticated look.

Barnes said each of the top five trends of the fall season are reinventions of former fashions and the fashion’s popularity this season will ride on the discretionary dollar.

“The looks that become popular will be the ones that are most affordable and slim designs that use less fabric, like the skinny jean, will be key for the economy.”

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