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Ins & Outs — July 16

By Staff | Jul 15, 2008

In — Friends to hit silver screen? The infamous NBC show “Friends” may attempt to capitalize on what “Sex & the City” did and try to make the leap to the silver screen. Some insider (don’t ask me who) said they could begin filming in the next 18 months! I mean, don’t they have new friends by now?

Out — Starbucks is not (as) popular! Starbucks Corp. is planning to shut down 600 stores over the next year in an attempt to improve the company’s profit margins. Great, now there’s only going to be three Starbucks per street instead of five.

In — The Marty McFly shoe is for sale! That’s right, it’s true. The Nike 2015s from “Back to the Future II” (now called the Nike Hyperdunks) will be made available by the end of July. The bad news? No automatic laces.

Out — English pub bans swearing, what the $%#@? The King’s Head in Northern London tried to ban swearing in their pub. Yea, I know. Needless to say, those owners are out and the pub is back to its swearing ways. Turns out they just wanted all the Arsenal fans out. We don’t blame them.

In — Was Borat behind the gay Arkansas wresting match? I know, what a title! In Arkansas a crowd was duped into thinking it was seeing a cage match, when the wrestlers undressed to their skivvies and shared a swift kiss. The word on the street is Sacha Baron Cohen (star of “Borat”) may have staged the gay wrestling for a movie based on his gay Austrian journalist character, Bruno.

Out — Was that woman really charged with trespassing? Carol Kreck was ticketed and charged with trespassing just because she held up a sign that read “McCain = Bush” at a John McCain town hall meeting. Kreck did nothing wrong but yet was still escorted off the premises and is expected to have a court date. Look it up, you’ll be angry.

In — Skype has great idea, laughs like mad. At www.skypelaughterchain.com you can find people laughing at other people laughing. This kind of stuff only comes around once in a while. For instance, it starts with a laughing baby. Pure gold!

Out — Guy has funny idea, poses as priest. A man pretending to be a priest was busted at the Vatican when he tried to hear confessions. Donning clerical garb and playing the part, it appears he was very convincing. Quick, everyone makes sure your priest, rabbi, etc. is a legit!

In — Hygiene is good for you, go figure. In southern India, authorities are paying people to use the toilets. The strategy will help the streets and the people lead cleaner lives. Hell, pay us to use the can and we’d earn major bucks.

Out — Tofu cause you to forget stuff, go figure.  Studies coming out of London show that tofu, a major source of protein for vegetarians, contain phytoestrogens that heighten the risk of memory loss. This is bad news for our editor Justin. He’s vegan. I guess that explains why he forgets to be cool. Oh snap!