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POINT — Robots are Awesome

By Staff | Jun 30, 2008

Robots are awesome. I mean, it should be obvious. They are metal and cool. Sure, sometimes they turn on us, their not-always-benevolent masters, but for the most part they amuse us with their desire to be like us.

Let’s take a look at Bender, from Futurama. Sure, he’s strong and can stick refrigerator magnets to himself, but it goes beyond that. His artificial intelligence is witty and fresh. Here’s a bit of robot dialogue from the last movie.

Bender: “You know, it’s funny …”

Fry: “What?”

Bender: “Your wiener!”


Lets say you’re more interested in a robot for its kill-everything-ness. Voltron, Mobile Suit Gundam, the T-1000 or even freakin’ Mechagodzilla. Or are you more interested in robots for their planet-sized brains? Marvin and Data are smarter than you. Or is it just the shear coolness of them? General Grevious was as bad as they come (though not 100 percent mechanical).

Robots in general are everywhere in our culture, and they are just starting to get a foothold. In Japan, robots may greet you at the door, carry you around if you’re elderly and even man the front desk at major office buildings.

So, in summation, as long as it’s not the end of the world and the chips are down, robots are our friends and we should be happy.

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