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Plenty to Do in the H-town Over the Fourth of July Weekend; Get Out

By Staff | Jun 30, 2008

The Huntington show of the week award goes to Vegitation for their stunning San Diego brand of reggae performance at the V Club last week. It may have been the great music or it may have been the instant contact buzz that you would get from being within a few yards of these guys.

 Whatever it was, there was not enough people there. My question is where the hell is the city of Huntington going these days?

If you ask me, they should be hitting up the V-Club’s upcoming performances with the folkster rock of Stone Avenue or the smooth R&B of City Heat next week. Of course the V also has their old standby, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge playing the Fourth of July party.

The only thing that appears to be coming up soon at the Monkey Bar/Fluid is the long anticipated show by 10 Years on July 1  and the June 26 show featuring Hatebreed. They may not be my cup of tea, but if you like your rock jagged either show looks promising. Hatebreed seems a little too outcast kid wearing spike chains and living out the recent past, but I think even the pop radio junkies are going to find something to enjoy in the 10 Years show.

Club Echo, another hot live performance stage in the Huntington area, is in need of redemption from the Asian Man Tour. The Queers may have some sort of legendary status amongst certain punk rockers, but they were one of the whiniest bands I think I have ever seen come through town. To each their own.

Now, I am not sure about the bands and such playing, but I have been hearing some amazingly sweet reviews about Holderby’s Landing’s Wednesday Wind Down Concert that is held each week by radio station WKEE. It’s a boat and it’s music and there is food. I can’t imagine there would be too much to complain about.

As far as Marshall University, I would like to congratulate one recent graduate, Abby Dills and her fiance, a current Marshall student, John Daniels, on their very fortunate winning of the St. Jude Dream Home. They were going to be living with one of their parents after their August wedding, but now they have a $500,000 home. Of course taxes and things like that make the home fairly expensive to keep, but it sure is an awesome problem to have right?

A very unfortunate event took place last week, with the unexplained shooting of a pastor who was visiting a shooting range in Beech Fork. It is a sad statement of the current state of Huntington. As someone who spends a lot of time at the local authority’s office perusing crime reports, I can say that a lot of crime happens in this town for such a small city.

Be careful, and stay safe on those Huntington streets, but DO NOT stay locked up in your house. There are a lot of good bands playing a lot of good music in a lot of nice bars in this area. If the city of Huntington does not wake up and learn to appreciate what some of these small club owners are doing for the city and go out and enjoy the music, we may stand to lose it all.

If we lose our music scene, I’m out several writing gigs, my own personal entertainment and the occasional free drink from some visiting bands. That may not sit well with me, so get out there people. Peace up, H-town down.

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