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Pay Attention to the Laws

By Staff | Jun 20, 2008

It’s time for LGBT in West Virginia to pay attention to its government and stand up for gay marriage. Many states are realizing that once marriages start in California, these marriages may have to be recognized elsewhere. West Virginia could be one of these states. Conservatives are already asking Gov. Joe Manchin to call for a special session of the Legislature to change laws to prohibit recognizing any gay marriages. Gay population is high in the Mountain State and it’s time we stand together and let our representative truly represent us. Manchin stated he will not call a special session to handle the gay marriage issue, but suggested any legislation should come through a regular session. We need to watch this issue closely. There is the possibility of a special session on other needs this year and it would not surprise me to see our conservative legislators sneak in some anti-gay marriage legislation.

West Virginia’s lawmakers have always worked against LGBT issues in the state and gay marriage is illegal here, but why should we not recognize marriages from other states. We need a win in our column and I’m ready to make a stand on this issue. We need to start a letter campaign. It’s time to let your representatives know what we want. Most legislators have e-mail, let’s start using it. Let me hear from you at picabo@graffitiwv.com, if you agree.

Contact Picabo at picabo@graffitiwv.com