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Summer Fashion

By Staff | Apr 29, 2008

Fashion forecasts are predicting a diverse and beautiful summer. For those of us who can’t afford to indulge in a new wardrobe each season, this summer’s predictions are slightly more promising than others — carrying over existing trends easily manipulated and implementing new accessories and styles that can be tweaked with our own collection.

Trends include shirt dresses, belted dresses and a multitude of patterns. With carryover trends being items that are the foundation of our wardrobes, it’s easy to update our own with simple, fresh accessories — sandals, belts and purses.

So, what’s new? This season is full of romantic, lingerie inspired summer dresses that can be seen on any major runway and in every store. Soft, feminine fabrics like tulle and chiffon are dominating the collections — as are pretty florals, pastels and in some styles, fuller skirts accompanied by more fitted bodices, gaining inspiration by the beautiful femininity that existed in similar styles of the ’50s.

Slip dresses as day wear, with chic sandals or boots (think cowboy — another carryover trend), will be a common sighting in major cities and fashion metropolises this summer. This is a promising trend for avid vintage lovers, as most all of this season’s dresses are directly influenced by other eras — making it easy to score a tasty ensemble, entirely unique to our own chest of drawers this year. Belted dresses will remain a trend; however, this season is all about the skinny belt (and wrap-around skinny belts are one of the IT items right now). Wide belts are no longer dominating the scene.

Sandals. This year is all about fresh sandals: Grecian-like “Gladiator” styles. Some styles are metallic, wrappy styles, whereas others are more ornate and embellished — seemingly something from an island adorned in jewels, almost like a tiara for the foot. Most are flat and some tie or lace up the legs, yet they all look absolutely adorable with an array of this season’s hottest trends.

Bags remain big, and in some cases, HUGE. Jewelry takes a turn toward gold. Most fashionable are bold, gold rings and Eastern-inspired gold, dangly earrings, with filigree patterns. Jewelry also takes a turn toward the organic side, with myriad natural elements — especially delicate leaves.

Amazing deals can be found at a plethora of shops — consider H&M. There are none in West Virginia, but a short trip to Pittsburgh or Columbus is well worth the fabulous savings and, more importantly, on (quality) merchandise directly influenced by runway shows and sometimes designed by a high-end designer, unlike less quality counterparts like Forever 21. And make sure to scour eBay for unique vintage finds. Remember, even though the trends are birthed from seasoned designers, manipulating them to genuinely reflect your own taste is what makes them the hottest. All seasons are all about individuality.


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