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Spring Practice Under Way

By Staff | Apr 8, 2008

? According to Sportingnews.com, Bill Stewart wants to know if future starting point guard Joe Mazulla can bring some of his much adored gusto and hustle to Milan Puskar Stadium. No reports on what position he would play, but is this right? Jarrett Brown playing a few minutes here and there for the basketball team is a different story. After a pretty rough season of football, what about basketball could really put him in danger? Mazulla, on the other hand, is a necessary component of next year’s squad. Unless they find a position for him that would lead to no injuries, this is a generally bad idea. We need him. ‘Nuff said.

?All the publications seem to be making a big deal of Jarrett Brown returning to the football team. So he missed a few practices because of our tournament run. Big deal. He’s back and doing fine, impressing Bill Stewart with his passing and agility. Brown will again play a vital role for the team, subbing for Pat White whenever the time calls. Stewart is actually drawing up some plays that would have Brown and White on the field at the same time, which could potentially mess with opponents’ heads more than our offense already has.

? Running back Mark Rodgers from Los Angeles County has been signed to the team. A 5-9, 185-pounder, Rodgers clocked in 2,319 yards as a senior. Coach Stewart says his speed is comparable to Noel Devine, and that he has a very keen sense of maneuverability on the field. No word on if he’ll start for the team.

? The football schedule was released recently, and while enticing, it only boasts one true non-conference test in Auburn, and that’s a home game. If the Mountaineers manage to perform well on the road, then there’s no reason they couldn’t end up as top 10 contenders by the end of the season.


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