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Spring Has Arrived and It’s About Damn Time

By Staff | Apr 8, 2008

Spring break is over and students are slowly trickling back into Huntington to round out that final five weeks of the year at Marshall University. With only five weeks remaining, it is questionable that the city of Huntington has decided to partially seal up one of the main exits in and out of town. The bridge over Hal Greer into Kentucky will be shut down for about four months starting April 28. My journey to Bonaroo this summer may just suffer pretty bad traffic five minutes in.

There should not be near as much trouble heading East, and that means that pathway to the mall is open. The Huntington Mall is celebrating Spring with a variety of events, ranging from a Spring fashion show to a Home and Garden Festival.

If you are ready to blow the indoors and get outside, there are a few organizations recognizing the arrival of Spring. The Huntington Outdoor Theater will be including rendition of “Anything Goes” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

Those that do not think it quite warm enough to venture outdoors can still enjoy a variety of events including an upcoming Wrestling competition at the Big Sandy, documentaries on Huntington natives, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Ken Hechler will be shown in town. The V Club is hosting the legendary Billy Joe Shaver and the alternative country band the Everybodyfields. Those seeking more popular or juvenile entertainment can find Raven Symone performing soon at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena.

Ashland is hosting the Kentucky music trail featuring artists such as Ricky Skaggs (June 14), Oakridge Boys (July 25), Vince Gill (Sept. 23) and Loretta Lynn (Nov. 14). Tickets for the full series are available now, so to get a good seat you may want to map out your concert schedule early.

Marshall is bustling with activity ranging from the opening of spring football to the Art and Design show by students at the Birke Art Gallery. It also may be worth your time to check out the newly renovated Memorial fountain near the student center, the work has been ongoing for months and is scheduled for completion by this week.

The news outside campus seems to be focusing on local elections. Controversy abounds as the city debates the use of touch screen voting machines, political legitimacy and political openness.

Some are worried the machines in use are not completely reliable, but many are arguing there have been no problems in the past with the current touch screen process. Some residents are also expressing concern that voters are not educated on their voting choices and are voting by name recognition alone, the threat being someone ill equipped for political reign will be elected. Another issue is that several organizations are anonymously running advertisements for political candidates, and many are demanding full disclosure to ensure election fairness.

There seems to be plenty to do in Huntington this coming Spring, though the political arena is getting slightly tenser as the election approaches. Huntington, look into your candidates, Marshall Students, hang in there–its almost over.


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