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Lola’s: A Welcome Shot of Something Different

By Staff | Feb 29, 2008

In need of a night out in Morgantown, but not in the mood for the usual college-based club scene? Lola’s Cocktail Bar and Lounge offers a cozy and fun place to hang out without the usual quirks found in most University City night spots.

Located downtown, Lola’s is situated directly behind Casa D’Amici pizzeria and next to Fins Beach Bar, and has been serving up cocktails since Aug. 10, 2007. The location makes it a great place to kick off an evening in the city, or spend the entire night out.

The cocktail bar is slightly more upscale then a typical Morgantown night spot. A full cocktail menu lists specialty drinks starting from $6.50 and includes an extensive selection of popular martinis, mixed drinks and champagne, which is available to order by the bottle. Liquors, beer and wines are also available.  

A few of the more popular drinks among bar-goers include Cosmopolitans, chocolate martinis and Appletinis. Lola’s bartenders will mix up unique cocktails including berry mojitos and blackberry martinis that can only be found at West Virginia bars located few and far between.

Although small, the one-room lounge is full of comfort and tons of charming details. Rattan chairs surround multiple high-top tables and deep-cushioned couches and leather benches accompany several shorter tables. The lighting is kept dim, but not dark. Decorations include a gigantic silver fish statue guzzling from a wine bottle, series of beach and coastal themed photographs, hanging lamps made of spiraled wood and coral centerpieces on each table.

The bar is clean and well decorated in comparison with its neighbors. A hardwood floor and stone pillars are just a few of the architectural details setting Lola’s apart. The ceiling is vaulted with a large mosaic stained glass window letting natural light seep in.  Behind the bar an entire wall made of stone shows off two of the five large, flat screen televisions in the room. Lola’s also boasts the only lit bar top in Morgantown.

The music played at Lola’s is unique in that it ranges from everything including rap, country, classic rock and more. The playlist includes everything and anything you could possibly expect to hear on a night out on the town. The mixture of genres and artists on a typical night will move from Usher to Jimmy Buffett to Prince and is sure to include at least one song to please everyone’s taste.

One of the more interesting details in the lounge is a silver dance pole located in one corner of the bar. Surrounded by a pretty small, raised dance area, the pole stands out in the otherwise casual atmosphere, and reminds guests that, yes, they are still in a college town, and sometimes you just got to dance, even with inanimate poles.  According to manager Kris Freme, the pole is used mostly by girls just having a good time and taking fun pictures, and never any actual stripping.

Dancing is more than welcome in Lola’s, and it does take place, but there are no neon lights or hip-hop DJs here. The environment, however, is much more suited to an evening meeting up with friends and talking over drinks, catching up and just generally hanging out in a more chill, relaxed and upscale mode.

The restrooms in Lola’s are tiled in slate and are clean and well kept, and there are always staff members on hand to dispose of empty drinks and wipe off dirty tables.  Cleanliness is definitely one of Lola’s stand-out points.

Although costlier than nearby bars, Lola’s does offer drink specials. Every night between 8 and 10 p.m. all martinis are two for the price of one. On Sunday night, discounts at Lola’s include $2 bottles, $3 for all mixed drinks and $4 for bombs. 

Private parties can be booked at the lounge, and include a full catering menu.  Drink specials during pre-booked events include $2 domestic bottles and $5 martinis.  Parties can be booked, and the bar can be rented out for any night of the week.  According to Freme, most groups tend to schedule events earlier in the evening and take advantage of the food selection offered.

Lola’s is a 21 to enter establishment. There is no cover charge to enter. Opening hours are: 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., Tuesday through Thursday, 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Saturdays, and 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Sundays. For more information call (304) 225-LOLA.

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