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Top Five Reasons the Avett Brothers Are

By Staff | Feb 28, 2008

5. L is for Loneliness   

There’s more to a song than the lyrics. In fact, if a song is happy, it has an ability to make you sad. This is the first reason why The Avett Brothers can break hearts like nobody’s business (actually it is their business and they are damn good at it). A song like “A Lover Like You” is staggeringly uplifting. It is a song that echoes the ethos of love and whispers meaning into your ear. Unfortunately, if you are lonely or depressed, it can open up your world and show you exactly what you are missing.

“Now it don’t take that much thought/Not with all the love you’ve got/And you give it to me free/Some might take that for granted but certainly not me/No not when I have a lover like you.”

4. O is for Obviously Heartbroken and Never Coming Out Of It

“Living of Love,” for me, is about the blind optimism that can unwillingly knock steadily when no one is home. It’s a bland hopefulness that the person you love will love you back, against all odds. It’s … well … a shot in the dark.

“Your heart says not again/What kind of mess have you got me in/But when the feeling’s there/It can lift you up and take you anywhere/But the gravel beneath you and the limbs above/If anybody asks you where you’re coming from/Say love, say for me love.”

3. V is for Vehemently Thanking Your Awful, Awful Past

We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not all of us. But some of us have been riddled with oversights made in relationships and we’ve all had to pay for them. Whether it was a grave misunderstanding we just couldn’t cope with or a retaliatory action because of something done to us, our poor judgments will ultimately lead us somewhere. Let’s just hope it’s like “All My Mistakes.”

“I made decisions some right and some wrong/And I let some love go I wish wasn’t gone/These things and more I wish I had not done/But I can’t go back/And I don’t want to/’Cause all my mistakes/They brought me to you.”

2. E is for Everyone (Yes, even YOU) Has a Chance At Love

When you listen to “Gimmeakiss,” you understand the singer could be you. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But Ben, how am I going to find true love when all I do is sit around eating Cheetos all day?” My reply would be, “Listen Moffat, stop calling me!” I mean, love can happen to anyone. The Avett Brothers know that, and with this song you’ll know it too.

“So gimme a chance, gimme a dance, gimme your hands/Give me just a little bit of your sweet romance/Just give me your hands/I know what they say about me/Hell, I started most of them rumors myself you see/So give ‘em to me.”

1. At Least The Avett Brothers Play You Some Sweet Music When You Pay Them.

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