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DC Comics Trade Releases

May 3, 2012 - Amy Phelps
DC Comics is releasing trade hardcover and paperbacks of their reboot of their titles, the New 52.

First up is "Justice League Volume 1 Origin" by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee ($24.99.)

Batman is tracking down a strange alien creature when he runs into Green Lantern. Both are clearly annoyed by the other, but begin to work together when they run into an injured and very angry Superman. An all-out brawl ensues, as Superman is sure they have something to do with the attacking aliens, which leads Green Lantern to call in his friend, The Flash. Befor they know it, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are showing up, also fighting the aliens, who are appearing out of nowhere. Add in a kid named Victor who suffered injuries due to the aliens' technology and has been turned into a cyborg, and the big bad Darkseid, and you've got trouble!

I really enjoyed the origin story of the Justice League. The characters are all distrustful of each other, not exactly friends, all wanting to show they are the best leader, but are drawn together through circumstances and contining to work together because of them. The Flash and Green Lantern are actual friends and their characters have a good rapport with each other. There's lots of snarky dialogue and quips, which you've come to expect from a superhero book, but there's a lot of heart too.


Next is "Animal Man" by Jeff Lemire with art by Travel Foreman ($14.99.)

Buddy Baker is a family man with animal powers he was given by aliens. He's trying to find a balance between animal activism, possible movie work and superheroing and his family life, including his two children, Maxine and Cliff, and his wife, Ellen. But when Maxine somehow brings dead animals back to life, their whole world changes. It turns out that Maxine is the Avatar for the animal world, and Buddy was given his powers by ancient spirits in order to bring her her into being. And Maxine is so powerful that some former avatars turned flesh vampires, the Rot, want to taker her and corrupt her. Now Buddy must protect his daughter and the rest of his family from creatures that can assume any form and can destroy the world.

This is a weird, but very interesting story and Buddy is a relatable character. The art especially makes this story very dark, so its definitely not for young kids. This story ends with the characters in search of Swamp Thing, so I see a crossover ahead!


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