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Sandler gets slaughtered; X-Men are back

By Staff | May 28, 2014

Blended: Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and Jim (Adam Sandler) unleash an unprecedented string of gender insulting retorts in their new romantic (though that can be debated) “battle” comedy, “Blended,” in which she’s recently divorced and he’s a widower. Following an unparalleled “bail out” blind date at Hooter’s, the two discover an awkward commonality- she’s raising two boys, he’s raising three tomgirls. After their families end up at the same South African hotel suite (lions, giraffes, tigers, oh my!), hate jabs and barbs enrich the java which does contain slapstick, schmaltz, and continuous (laughable) verbal abuse. Considering that neither attempts suicide or tries to kill the other, the positive chemistry ignites from kindness toward the other one’s kids. The “enemy” just might have redeeming qualities?

Originally titled “Familymoon,” some critics have slaughtered the flick as a cliched three camera TV situation comedy evoking boredom. However, cliches and cynical attitudes a given, you do find sweet, compassionate and funny moments.

Female reviewers generally give this a thumbs mostly up while the dudes trample Sandler for failing to grow up.

I found a male Sandler fan who loved the movie. Admitting that it will be difficult to convince naysayers, the dude added, “it’s a movie I’ll add to my DVD collection as soon as it comes out.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Director Bryan Singer returns to helm the franchise tackling the eternal time travel quagmire of altering history by preventing a past event. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) travels back to the time of waterbeds, lava lamps and long hair to prevent Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) from completing an assassination. Switching between past and future with an above reproach deftness, Singer introduces numerous mutants from the universe (including Quicksilver and a reference to Emma Frost) as they wage an onslaught on the White House lawn. Complete with CGI stunning awesomeness on a comedic stop time slow motion repositioning of characters and weapons and a “wow” upper deck from a stadium. There are the expected lapses in logic, so nerds enjoy and realists will expound numerous “I can’t believe it.” Intimate characterization essential in one of the best entries in the continuing series.