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Summer preview: Godzilla, Tom Cruise, Spidey

By Staff | Apr 30, 2014


Having debuted in select areas prior to printing, some reviews are surfacing. One of the best reviews raves about Spidey free-falling between New York skyscrapers, flipping over cars, saving pedestrians and weaving in and out of the city streets with ease. “Guts , charisma and inventiveness” writes Erik Davis (movies.com). Others contain variations of “struggles to balance,” ” satisfying follow up,” and “dull villainy” to “the best cinematic version of the web head to date.


Imagine moving your wife and new born next to an Animal House-type fraternity. Zac Efron and Seth Rogen have gained applause and laughs from preview audience critics. Adjectives range from “winningly stupid,” to “disgusting and rowdy with an amazing amount of heart,” and “laughing until we ached.”


Japan’s monster ravages again. But did you know that the Ohio River once had a monster? Back in the ’50s WSAZ produced a children’s show titled “Steamboat Bill.” George Lewis captained the ship, but his sidekick was Merlin the Sea Monster (voiced by Jule Huffman who became Mr. Cartoon).


During an alien assault on Earth, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) fights on and on and on in a brutal suicide mission. Only thing, when he “dies,” he’s immediately back in the battle facing the invader who just wasted him. Add Emily Blunt as a special forces warrior in this “time loop” battle.