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‘Paranormal’ prequel has got the goods

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

In this prequel to “Paranormal Activity,” the 1980s is the backdrop to the story of sisters Katie and Kristi (Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown).

“Paranormal Activity 3” conveniently has mother Julie’s (Lauren Bittner) male “friend” (Christopher Nicholas Smith) as a wedding videographer, which allows a seamless improved progression of the “reality” cinematography.

Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have also invented a few styles to break up the sluggishness created by a tripod locked camera. One happens to be a make-shift continuous panning angle while they add mirrors and clever assorted bat-an-eyelash perspectives.

Easily the best in the series, the spooks gain more screen and scream time. However, this is one flick where a few interactive “Rocky Horror” maneuvers (drop a book or start a squeal-a-thon) would send the behind the door peaks into more near pee-in-your-pants moments.

Setting the momentum several seismic shakes break up a married couple’s foreplay (and would you believe two people asked for their money back even though the lady on screen did not shed her under garments!) Don’t be offended, the San Andreas fault will replicate its shake and rattle before the couple are able to engage in any lovemaking. No, they’re too stressed out from hearing about imaginary friend Toby and dialing through VHS footage looking for a poltergeist.

This third installment of the horror franchise has added a screaming sense of humor to the genuine otherworldly figures progressively possessing the children’s souls.

Graciously, you will not see all the wasted camera angle adjustment time, but a few logistical flaws do occur, such as taking a feverish kid to the ER without detailing her condition upon return home. Continuity? Was this left in the editing room?

Maintaining the multiple mal-spirits, the parental couple do not attempt further foreplay. Rather, they are all unwilling, increasingly terrified victims of spooky foreshadowing. This one is a scary gem.