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Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 2’

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

A sole camera depicting supernatural activities at night chilled audiences last year with the micro-budgeted “Paranormal Activity.”

The stationary camera was chosen by Kate and Micah to depict the haunting of their home. Like “Cloverfield” and “Blair Witch Project,” the footage is found after the two individuals disappear. Micah’s body is found; Kate’s is not.

For the sequel, the one-camera novelty has been ingeniously expanded upon — after an apparent robbery, the occupants of the house install a state of the art six-camera surveillance system.

Having many perspectives allows the “reality” to gain more tension; still, the first 30 minutes could well be cut as the introductions have mundane activities (painting toe nails, looking out over the living room, a crib in the baby’s room where a German Shepherd lies, kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling).

This “2” is a mixture of prequel and sequel, so pre-movie watching homework includes re-watching “Paranormal Activity.”

Imagination increases the intensity of the sequel. The exact nature of the “what” is not revealed. There are no explanations provided.

Upon exiting, among overheard viewer comments were, “It’s too freaky for me,” and, “This is creepy and scary. I’m going to watch the first one again.”

Still, the crashes, opening doors and other shakes, rattles and chills make up a relatively small portion of the running time. It’s feast or boredom.

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