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Review: ‘Jackass 3-D’

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Grunts, puke, foul air and pain. Does that sound like an enjoyable on screen outing? “Jackass 3-D” starts on a demented candid camera outlook, then turns into reoccurring, unfunny skits of self-inflicted pain and mutilation.

Under the weak premise of “making a hit movie,” Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O humiliate, wound and insult each other, often in derivations of deviant extreme sport “stunts” that allow ugly and vulgar body orifice degradation.

Buffalos, dogs, elk and other animals appear. The disclaimer at the end certifies that none were harmed during the marking of the picture.

A few women are cast, but have minimal roles; they observe. If females were the targets of this abuse, they would have filed charges of harassment against the filmmakers.

One scene involving a gorilla loose in a hotel scores, as does the opening surprise awaiting diners who are about to turn in their empty plates.

These dudes are too old to qualify as fraternity brats. One person commented, Why do men always end up portrayed in popular culture as Peter Pan’s who have neither matured nor accepted adult responsibilities?

After about 15 minutes of endurance, hardy laughs and audience reaction cools, except for occasional “hits.” Note that I did not say “one liner” as “Jackass 3D” is about physical punishment endured in the pretext of some type of sadistic extreme vulgar sport.

The dudes ousted alcohol from the set, but they must have injected a mind trashing concoction just to stand and endure the endless ignoble assaults to both bodies and brains.

3D coming at ‘ya stunts do find favor, but what’s flying into the audience are not items that you want to catch. If they had SMELL-O-VISION, the viewers would need barf bags.

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