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Hot tubs and nerds fall short

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

“She’s Out of Your League”

Nerds and nice guys, pay attention. Attractive women are considered too intimidating for many men. They often go dateless. Do yourself a favor and ask one out. Just don’t be a confident, arrogant jerk. Be yourself.

“She’s Out of Your League” may not be too different from the insane number of feel good boy meets girl and girl meets boy flicks that have inundated theatres. The airport and TSA characters, though, provide ample hoots for poking a little levity at those traveling inconveniences.

However, the best advice comes from listening — don’t listen to friends or family when it comes to romance, particularly if a so-called ‘hottie’ happens to grab you by the arm. Do anything you can to avoid your normal single groupies until you’ve either said, “I do” or broken up. Otherwise, the actions of everyone else in your social circle will rob you of confidence and, perhaps, the love gift of a lifetime.

As for the scenario, the meet the parents gags are winners, the watch out for her faults fizzles, and the airport track meets would likely have lots of FBI agents making arrests, thus preventing any pleasurable climax.

“Hot Tub Time Machine”
Filmmakers have imagined a variety of mechanisms for breaking the time barrier — from a souped-up DeLorean to concentrated lightning bolts, a complex “tunnel” and now a hot tub.

Hoping to grab some smirks from the zany “Hangover,” the “Hot Tub Time Machine” comes along after a suicide attempt in which the victim’s friends take him back to a lodge where happier and more hopeful times filled their brains and veins.

Muddied with ‘butterfly effect’ (changing the past changes the future) anxieties, the dudes catch time warp party fever, but the film “sets up” situations of which the “execution” lags. For instance, the men’s dalliances are always a splattering of attention deficit disorders, lacking punch lines and fulfillment.

Chevy Chase has cameo appearances as a grey headed repairman who keeps reminding the dudes that the device will only work for a few more hours.

Obviously, some quick glimpses of sexual anatomy, but these sketches don’t have cohesiveness. Ultimately, the “Hot Tub Time Machine” is too short and lacking in belly laughs or just plain chuckles.

Without playing spoiler, I grant praise for the disruption of the space time continuum, which is too little too late.