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Bongs Become Bombs in Homeland Security Farce

By Staff | May 7, 2008

Two love sick college kids find themselves more than one toke over the line when after boarding a flight to Amsterdam one of the two unveils his invention: A smokeless bong. During attempts to smoke weed in the air, chaos sets in when passengers brand them “terrorists” and (obvious, I know) the bong becomes a bomb. Due to an egocentric bureaucrat, the two find themselves penned up at Guantanamo Bay.

Whether you partake of “Harold and Kumar” as another seasoned, raunchy, potty mouth barrage or delight in its nonsensical paranoid political satire, you’ll get mostly high on the outcome.

Technically, you can kick back and laugh at the intrepid ignorance of the two college age characters. Complimenting a flurry of bad mouthed expletives, pictures accompany the gross out words, which range from a gang encounter, an inbred “Deliverance” host, and young, well networked professionals with secrets (no smoking wacky weed; try sniffing crushed Zoloft).

The dudes could easily equate Cheech and Chong antics, but the former tended to stick with the smoke routines and not push the edge on visual taboos.

Blending “Animal House” antics with cross-country ethnic stereotypes, the film pulls out laughs for which you later feel a bit dirty and guilty for having chuckled. Don’t try to fill in gaps, just float along in the heavens.

Foremost, the entire premise rests on the preposterous. Sure, the goony governmental bureaucrats ineptly, no, absurdly, mock the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, the college guys find themselves with a well-connected network of friends. And, once the bongs start smoking, the wacky marijuana habit seeps into multiple locales where medicinal purposes have no relationship.

I’m almost giddy trying to keep some of the scenes a surprise. But, I’ve got to reveal two of them: A unique swimming pool party in Miami and a well placed parachute drop onto a Texas ranch, which allows a George W. impersonator to fit integrally into the mayhem.

Now, the frightening satirical portion: Considering the flurry of false accusations, screaming ‘terrorist’ on a crowded plane leads to a presumption of guilt. Consider the litany of security overreactions to non-violent “threats,” such as the mouthy alcoholic woman in the West, a bunch of too pretty gals in short skirts, and verbal disagreements with attendants and other passengers.

Give Hollywood a star for incorporating the jaded aptitudes of Americans to less than adequate homeland security common sense actions. And, the movie unveils more mostly National Geographic sexual awareness shock shot footage to illustrate that the liberal rebels in Tinsel Town will turn politically correct upside down and inside out.


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