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Werewolves: The Dead Are Screaming

By Staff | Apr 29, 2020

Prosthetic Records

Prosthetic Records announces the debut album from WEREWOLVES. A supergroup of sorts, who would no doubt argue that there’s rarely anything super about them, WEREWOLVES is Dave Haley (Psycroptic, Ruins, King), Matt Wilcock, and Sam Bean (both of The Bezerker, The Antichrist Imperium). There’s a solid case for them being the true embodiment of heavy metal in 2020 – driven forward by blind hatred and blast beats alone.

We’ll allow them to do the honours, regarding how this whole thing came about:

“Matt and Dave had a coffee on a Monday last year, and decided to do a band. All their other bands have these long production schedules and are detailed, technical, and serious ventures. They wanted to do something nimble and idioticblackened caveman death-metal without any pretension whatsoever. Like Marduk and Mortician smooshed together, then bashed over the head with phone books until they were blithering idiots. Sam put his hand up on the Wednesday for bass and vocals. By Friday, we had a band.

“By the following Monday, Matt had written the entire record. Dave recorded all his drums the weekend after. Two weeks later, Sam recorded bass and vocals. It was mixed and mastered the week after that, and we received the cover art around about the same time. A few weeks later, Prosthetic offered us a three-album deal and in the spirit of the band (doing things really quickly without thinking) we accepted. So basically, the band went from inception to first album and signing within two months.

“Then came the really hard part: coming up with a band name. We’re not fucking kidding, this has been the most difficult part of the entire venture so far. We eventually settled on WEREWOLVES due to the connotations of savagery, bestiality, death, evil, and excess body hair. We want this album to be like the opposite of the Monolith in 2001.something that lands in front of a bunch of grunting primates and somehow makes them even more stupid.

“We are a brilliant fit for Prosthetic Records. Every time someone accuses them of being too progressive, they can point squarely at us regressives sitting in the corner, slobbering, writing unhinged and incoherent songs about vomit and violence.

“We are pleased to bring you The Dead Are Screaming in 2020, and it’s such a relief to let go and drool all over the place like the morons we truly are.”

The crushing debut album from WEREWOLVES, The Dead Are Screaming, was mixed by Joe Haley (Psycroptic), with artwork by Mitchell Nolte. Nine tracks, one hundred megatons, zero mercy.