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Multiversal matchmaking

By Staff | Jan 30, 2019

It’s not easy for superheroes, or villains, to find love.

Leading a double life and keeping secrets can put a strain on a relationship – especially if it turns out one of you is trying to kill the other when you put on your masks. Even if you clue them in on your secret identity, needing to save the city or the world can put a crimp in date night.

For every Mr. Fantastic that finds his Invisible Woman, there’s a Batman who gets left at the altar or a Spider-Man who erases his marriage in a deal with the devil.

Maybe some of these characters are looking for love in not only the wrong places, but the wrong universe.

Marvel and DC have been rivals for decades, and perhaps the lack of recent crossovers is preventing some characters from finding their match.

Hey, it worked for Black Canary and Hawkeye in a couple pages of “JLA/Avengers.”

* Daredevil and Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)

Paula Abdul and that animated cat taught us all that “opposites attract.” Matt Murdock’s alter ego has long been known as “the Man Without Fear,” which would put him at the top of the list of Marvel characters to get a Green Lantern ring.

In recent years, GL writers have emphasized it’s not so much about having no fear as overcoming great fear. Agoraphobe Jessica Cruz did that in her transition from pawn of an evil alternate-Earth power ring to full-fledged Green Lantern. She learned to accept her fear and move forward, and maybe Matt could learn from her to do less denying of his flaws and failings and more overcoming them.

* Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

There’s something to be said for shared experiences too. Carol and Hal are both members of the Air Force who gained superhuman powers from alien entities.

Hal became a space cop wielding a ring that can do just about anything he wills. Carol is one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes and served as Earth’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats. Carol’s probably a little more well-adjusted than Hal, but these two could handle each other’s egoes, reckless streaks and extended off-planet excursions.

The box office numbers might cause some friction though.

* Booster Gold and Dazzler

Both of these folks would rather be famous than superheroes, but both have come to accept that the latter is their lot in life.

Dazzler’s early appearances featured her pursuing her dream as a singer while continually being thrust into superheroic situations. Booster initially cared more about himself and his earning potential than those he was supposed to help, but grew into a true hero. Both understand life doesn’t always go the way you plan but you still have to do what’s right.

* Atlas and Giganta

They can both grow to enormous size, but it’s not just the fact that their love would be to scale that makes them a good pair.

Both Erik Josten and Doris Zuel have done the villain thing, even though their hearts weren’t always in it. They’ve also tried to redeem themselves, Josten as a member of the Thunderbolts and Zuel as a college professor who became romantically involved with then-Atom Ryan Choi.

* Kitty Pryde and Pete Ross. Or Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt. Or Peter Platinum.

Kitty Pryde has been a sidekick to Wolverine, a martial arts master, a spy, the leader of the X-Men and headmistress of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, or whatever it was called that month.

She also nearly married Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), romanced British spy guy Pete Wisdom, got engaged to Star-Lord (Peter Quill) and, in the Ultimate universe, dated Spider-Man (Peter Parker). So, she’s got a type.

Evan Bevins is the writer of the webcomic “Support Group.”