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Dive into the pages of Suicide Squad

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

The movie “Suicide Squad” has come out with mixed reviews. Whether or not you loved the movie, you can read more about the characters thanks to the comics and a new novel.

First is “Suicide Squad” the official movie novelization written by Marv Wolfman (Titan Books, $7.99), who has written numerous comic books himself, including DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” If you haven’t read that, put this down and go get the graphic novel. Movie novelizations many times have extras not in the movie, either from the script or the author’s imagination, and this one definitely goes into more details that were left out of the movie. As in the movie, Amanda Waller is putting together a super-powered task force aimed at taking care of any super-powered problems that might creep up, or problems that need a super-powered touch. The members of this team are all on the wrong side of the law, so if something goes wrong, they are easy scapegoats. Controlled by explosive devices implanted in their neck (and a heart in a box for Enchantress) Amanda Waller thinks she has them all on a leash. And of course, she is very wrong. The novelization goes into more details of each of the characters’ back stories, before getting into the big fight, which happened in the movie but was more condensed. So if you enjoyed the movie, but want more details on everyone involved, definitely check this out.

Now to the comics. Within the last five years, there have been three different Suicide Squad #1s. You can find “The New 52” Suicide Squad series in trade paperback in volumes 1-5 at bookstores and comic book shops. The New 52 Suicide Squad series focuses mostly on team members Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, El Diablo, King Shark, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, with a few others that come and go because they are expendable to Amanda Waller. Solely focusing on the first trade paperback, the main story is the group having to recover a newborn baby who carries the cure to a viral outbreak in the middle of stadium full of zombies.

Up next is “New Suicide Squad” in trade paperback in volumes 1-3, with a fourth coming out in November. “New Suicide Squad” now has Vic Sage running the team ousting Amanda Waller (who doesn’t want to be ousted) and introducing Deathstroke and the Joker’s Daughter to a team of Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Black Manta. Captain Boomerang, Reverse Flash and the Ninja Man-Bats eventually come along for the ride, as well as Parasite and Cheetah. Everyone quickly realizes Vic Sage is running his own agenda and Amanda Waller might be the devil they know versus the one they don’t. And, no surprise, not everyone on the team can be trusted. By far my favorite Suicide Squad, there are twists and turns, feuds and double-crosses to keep you guessing.

And just now in the comics is the latest version of Suicide Squad, DC Universe Rebirth Suicide Squad #1. And DC Suicide Squad Rebirth #1. Thanks for the confusion, DC, really. But, DC Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 is a prequel to the series, showing Amanda Waller getting Rick Flagg out of jail and explaining the team to him. DC Universe Rebirth Suicide Squad #1 kicks off the series with the movie characters (Harley Quinn even looks like the Margot Robbie version) as Amanda Waller gets Rick Flagg and Katana to lead the villains into battle that takes them into the outer atmosphere (where Harley is hunting Pokemon) and to Siberia. Killer Croc does not enjoy space. So if you’re looking to see the beginning of the latest version of Suicide Squad, now is a great chance!