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Go back to school with these stress busters

By Staff | Aug 1, 2016

It’s time to go back to college, and here are a few things to take with you!

To help with the stress that classes can cause is a new adult coloring book for Doctor Who fans, “Doctor Who: Travels in Time” (Price Stern Sloan, $14.99.) The first Doctor Who coloring book was a New York Times bestseller, and this one is sure to be too! Following all 13 Doctors through various adventures in time and space, this one has quotes from episodes, and search and find through the various pages, and lots of intricate patterns to work on. These feature historical figures like Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Dickens and more, as well as dinosaurs on spaceships (of course!) and lots of familiar alien baddies. So break out your colored pencils or crayons and get coloring!

For a fun evening with new friends, try the new card game “Punderdome” (Clarkson Potter, $20.) This party game forces individuals or teams to work together to create the best puns for a “prize” decided on by the host, which can be literally anything – a piece of candy, an old napkin, a paperclip, whatever. The point is to have fun!

Inspired by the live game show Punderdome in New York City, the rules are easy. The leader draws two cards from the deck, creating two situations that the players must join together in a funny pun. Each group has 90 seconds to do so. The players share their pun, the leader decides which one is best, and gives the cards to that player. The winner then draws the next pair and the process repeats. Players win by obtaining 10 pairs of cards.

For those who are tired of Cards Against Humanity, this is a new fun party game that uses a similar mechanic and calls for a bit of outrageousness.