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OJ prosecutor Clark pens ‘Blood Defense’

By Staff | May 25, 2016

With the recent television series, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” a whole new generation has been exposed to the lengthy trial, and all the central people involved, including both the defense and the prosecution. Marcia Clark, one of the prosecuting attorneys, has since gone on to write legal thriller novels and has recently released a new one, “Blood Defense.”

Samantha Brinkman is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. She is struggling to keep her firm going, when what seems to be the perfect case shows up – an actress and her roommate are found murdered in their apartment and a veteran LAPD detective, Dale Pearson, who had been dating the much younger woman, has been declared a person of interest. Sam isn’t exactly well-known to like the police, and that’s why her friend and co-worker, Michelle, thinks she’d be perfect for his defense. When she meets him, she has her doubts about his innocence, though he claims he didn’t do it, but Sam’s a defense attorney and determined to do what she is supposed to do. And in order to do that, she needs another suspect. As Sam digs into the case, she gets in deeper and may lead her to danger and possibly rethinking everything she thought she knew. And before she knows it, she gets into even deeper danger…

This is a stylish legal thriller written by someone who has been there with big trials and knows the ins and outs of a courtroom. It’s a fast moving page turner that will intrigue mystery fans.

“Blood Defense” is published by Thomas & Mercer. It is $24.95 and 433 pages long.