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Tapping into the ‘new adult’ genre of books

By Staff | Apr 5, 2016

There’s a new genre out now called “New Adult,” aimed at people in their early 20s. Characters are usually college-aged, and facing problems/romances of that age group. Publishers have been marketing books in that demographic more often now. Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken adds to that genre with “The Matchmaker’s Playbook,” the first book in her new “Wingmen Inc.” series.

Ian Hunter and his best friend, Lex, started the company, with a mind on it becoming an app one day. Both are handsome, smart and charming with the ladies. They have decide to use their powers for good and help shy women who dream that a guy at their college will notice them by using their software to see if the couples are actually compatible, and by using their hardware (a.k.a. themselves) to act as pretend boyfriends, that will rile the guy-in-question’s interest, even as they give the women tips on how to be a great girlfriend. All for a price, of course. And so far, they have many satisfied customers on their client list. Their one rule is to never become romantically involved with a client.

Ian’s never had a problem with that rule and has never been lacking for female attention anyway. But his new client proves to be a bit of a challenge. Blake is his other best friend Gabi’s roommate, has a tendency to wear shower shoes and slouchy athletic gear and isn’t into makeup. She wants her childhood crush to notice her, and Ian enjoys a challenge. But once the makeover begins, so does the trouble, as the crush isn’t the only guy to notice her – so does Ian. And he doesn’t like that a guy who has never noticed how great of a person Blake is is her end-game. Will romance finally overtake Ian? Will he break the rules or break his and Blake’s heart?

This is a fun twist on the “My Fair Lady” type of romance story, with a sweet girl being the one to tame the hot guy’s heart. It’s an entertaining and quick read that would be fun to take along on a break or weekend.

“The Matchmaker’s Playbook” is published by Skyscape. It is $9.95 and 330 pages long.