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Coloring books for grown-ups all the rage

By Staff | Jan 28, 2016

A new trend out right now is coloring for relaxation for adults. This has brought about a bunch of different coloring books aimed at adults, with themes ranging from holidays, seasons, animals, flowers and food, with intricate patterns. Concentrating on these intricate patterns is supposed to help your focus, and coloring is a throwback to fond childhood memories, all of which is supposed to help reduce stress levels.

With that in mind, here are two new coloring books due out in February that is marketed toward adults.

First is “Doctor Who Coloring Book” (Price Stern Sloan, $14.99, out Feb. 16.)

What better way to get your Doctor Who fix while waiting for new episodes than coloring pictures of all 12 Doctors, the TARDIS and some of the most iconic villains! The pages are full of very intricate patterns within the pictures. There are also memorable quotes from the episodes as well. The artwork is very well done and you can definitely tell who and what everything is supposed to be. These are intricate patterns, which has an opposite of calming effect on me, as I want to make sure the patterns are fancy and repeat and overthink it way too much. But the Whovian in me loves looking at the TARDIS and the Doctors, so that is also calming and happy.

According to a press release, the pre-orders of the book have already moved it onto Amazon’s Top 100 list in the genre.

Much less intricate and way more silly is “Hot Dudes Coloring Book” by D.C. Taylor (Berkley, $9.99, out Feb. 2.) Inside the pages of this book are sexy cowboys, pirates, businessmen, sailors and the like, all with clever sayings next to them. The pictures are standard “hot guy calendar” type, just illustrations, and there are no intricate patterns, so there is zero overthinking this for me – you simply color in the guy and his outfit. This is definitely a humor coloring book (it is marked on the back of the book as such) so it could make a funny joke gift for Valentine’s Day.

I did sample pages at the end of two very stressful nights and I would say they were fun and helpful to do on a night where you don’t feel like watching TV or reading but want a relaxing activity. And I like the themed books a bit better than some of the more general adult coloring books out there.