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Doctor Who trilogy of books feature 12th doctor

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

The new season of Doctor Who is underway, so why not dive into more stories of the madman with a blue box than with three new books featuring the Twelfth Doctor?

In a new trilogy (though the books could be read separately as well, each story is somewhat self-contained) the Doctor is searching for The Glamour – a dangerous artifact that is somewhere in the universe and must be located before it puts the whole of reality in danger.

In “Deep Time” by Trevor Baxendale, the Doctor is joined by latest companion Clara. They travel into the future and end up aboard a ship of humans discovering the last Phaeron road, an ancient alien race that seemingly disappeared. What really happened to the Phaeron and just where the road is taking them is something all aboard want to find out, and the Doctor may have some special insight on. And what does it have to do with the Glamour? Danger is surrounding the whole crew, and they may not make it back alive from this expedition.

In “Big Bang Generation” by Gary Russell, an offbeat story of just the Doctor. While on a trip to a faraway planet speaking to an old friend, the Doctor gets a strange postcard wanting him to come back Sydney in 2015. A time portal has opened up there and a massive pyramid has appeared that seems to be glowing with some sort of unknown power and soon enough there are alien assasins and such arriving. The postcard sender happens to be an old companion (from books) and the Doctor is soon leading a team of misfits on an Ocean’s Eleven type jaunt to keep the Earth safe.

In “Royal Blood” by Una McCormack, Clara is back to help the Doctor in a medival landscape. Or at least Varuz seems to be a medival type of city-state. And yet, there are lasers for swords and electricity. Duke Aurelian is preparing for war against his enemies, and believing the Doctor to be some sort of holy man asks for his blessing. But blessing a war is likely the last thing the Doctor would want. Will he stop the fight? And when Clara discovers some sort of royal intrigue between Aurelian’s wife and his knight, will she be drawn into a dangerous Game of Thrones type of situation? And what is the Holy Grail they are all looking for?

For fans of the TV series, this is a great new trilogy to help get your Doctor Who fix.

All three books are $9.99 and published by Broadway Books.