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Princess Mia grows up in latest Cabot novel

By Staff | Jun 24, 2015

#1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot returns to her Princess Diaries series, except now Princess Mia is an adult, in “Royal Wedding.”

Mia has been living life post-college by running a teen community center and attending required royal engagements. Still with her high school boyfriend, Michael, the press keeps wondering when (or if) he will ever pop the question. Mia has enough on her plate right now -between worries about her father, who seems to be having a meltdown and being challenged by her cousin to rule Genovia, the loss of her stepfather, and trying to keep up her responsibilities, its no wonder Mia has developed an eye twitch. When Michael finally convinces her to take a vacation, she agrees, and he surprises her with a ring! Soon enough, Mia’s grandmother leaks the news about the wedding to prevent some other earth-shattering news that’s about to break about Mia’s father. Can Mia plan the wedding she wants, keep ahead of the press and find a way to help her father?

Fans of the Princess Diaries will be glad to see Mia all grown up, and Cabot’s writing is hilarious. It’s a perfect summer read.

“Royal Wedding” is published by William Morrow. It is $14.99 and 435 pages long.