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In the vein of ‘50 Shades,’ another hot read

By Staff | Feb 25, 2015

Since “50 Shades of Grey” is burning up the movie theaters, readers may be interested in what other contemporary “hot” romances are out there. Monica Murphy, who wrote the New Adult series, “One Week Girlfriend” has another adult contemporary series starring the Fowler sisters. The first book, “Owning Violet” has already been out, but now she turns her attention to the quieter and youngest sister, Rose, in “Stealing Rose.”

Rose has never craved the spotlight in her famous family. She works quietly behind the scenes of her family’s company, Fleur Cosmetics, with little accolades. Since her mother’s death, her father has turned to a relationship with the scheming Pilar Vasquez who seems to want to use her bedroom connections to get ahead in the company, maybe even above Rose herself. But when Rose’s grandmother and matriarch in the family, gives her a gorgeous diamond necklace to wear to an important party, she kicks of an empowerment of Rose that takes her well beyond one night.

At the party, she has a chance meeting with a handsome stranger. But is it so chance? It turns out Caden has designs on Rose all right – on the necklace she is wearing. He had a “chance” meeting with her older sister Lily once too – and that ended with some missing diamond earrings. This jewel thief is ready and willing to steal from the rich kids he grew up with and all he sees when he sees Rose is dollar signs – or is that true? Has the slick con artist Caden met his match in the youngest Fowler? Or is she being taken on a dangerous ride?

With plenty of hot chemistry and charged banter, pages will melt as Caden and Rose face off. Fans of “50 Shades” will find this one a sexy treat. Caden may even have them saying Christian Who?