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Curl up with a good book this Valentine’s Day

By Staff | Feb 3, 2015

Since it’s February, here are two new books about single women looking for romance in England!

First is “The Art of Not Having it All” by Melissa Kite.

Based on her columns in “Spectator,” Kite’s memoir is all about her life as a single woman in England, balancing work, friends, dating and trying to find a good repairman when something needs fixed. Whether its switching builders/repairman after each unsuccessful repair and having her kitchen flooded twice, or a friend’s fix-up with a fireman leading to a group of fireman trying to get her TV to work correctly, to dating someone with a helicopter, Kite’s stories are hilarious. Her ups and downs are relatable to a lot of people, and readers will want to make her their new friend!


A recently separated woman decides to follow the advice in several “dating” guides to the letter in the name of science in the novel, “Love By the Book” by Melissa Pimentel.

Lauren has recently left her ex and her home behind to follow her dream of working in London at a science museum. She wants to have no-strings-attached dating life, but when she makes eggs for a new romance, he seems to think that means she wants to marry him and runs for the hills. What went wrong? That’s when Lauren decides to strictly follow several dating guide’s tips to see how well they work. Whether its “The Rules,” “The Technique of the Love Affair,” “Not Tonight Mr. Right” or “The Game,” Lauren finds she attracts new guys with each change. But what is the right way for her? It may take revisiting the past and setting out on her own to find out.

This is a funny book with plenty of madcap romances for Lauren that will amuse readers. And who may be perfect for her is right under her nose…